Sunday, February 6, 2011

Sexy Chironomid

     I recently got involved with a fly swap on Utah on the Fly and swapped some Sexy Chironomids for some other flies.  This was my first fly swap and I thought it went great, here is a picture of it. that was posted on the forum.  I should have a video up of me tying it soon.

Sexy Chironomid

Easy Way to Tie a Steelhead Egg AKA Glo Bug Egg Pattern

     Here is a second video.  I found out about a tool that can help tie a perfect egg pattern every time, what’s more there is very little waste when you use the tool.  Only problem was I couldn’t find the tool anywhere.  The tool is easy to make with a soda straw.  This video is also a puzzle geocache, the cache page is:


Zebra Midge Pattern

     Video from I created on making and fishing the zebra midge.  This video is actually a puzzle geocache, unless you know that it’s a puzzle cache you would never know it.  Here is the link to the geocaches page:



New blog started

    Woo-hoo, starting a new blog today.  I have been uploading the pictures and videos of the flies I have been tying and the results to my other blog at:  I didn’t like how I had to find the pictures or video on the flies so I decided to start another blog that deals solely with how I tie the flies.  I have a couple of videos out on already so they will be my first posts.  Enjoy the new blog.